Redes de agua potable

Keeping water as a clean and natural resource available for consumption in all its aspects is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century.
The transport of potable water through the network is essential given the demands and expectations that are associated with this water: no loss of precious water, guarantee of supply, sufficient pressure, sustainable (re)use, … Only a few expectations that each of us consider ‘normal’.

Nothing is less evident: even in the modern Europe, a number of Member States are faced with drinking water losses between 60 and 80%, non-guaranteed quality and continuous supply, completely outdated networks, etc.

Expertise of HydroScan and partners

Drinking water networks are an important, international focus for HydroScan: together with our Belgian water inter-municipal organisations, we look where we can make a difference together. Merging the different competences of the parties involved can lead to an international win/win success.

Together with our partners we offer integrated solutions to our potential clients that rely on over 100 years of Belgian expertise in drinking water supplies.

Together with its subsidiary HydroServices, HydroScan has a number of areas of expertise in this domain such as inventorying, cost reducing master planning with focused and preventive maintenance, modeling, sustainable reduction of water losses, performance indicators, data management and even complete concepts such as Managed Water Services.

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