Gestion del agua en sitios industriales y proyectos de construccion

Increasingly often, architects and project developers are confronted with specific questions about sustainable water management within their project. The main reasons are the increasingly stringent legislation regarding the integrated water management, the obligations to remediate and the increased attention for the sustainability aspect within new developments.

This often requires creative solutions, optimally using the different streams in the project in order to minimalize the water use and the ecological footprint

It is however important not to lose sight of the financial feasibility. Evidently, these solutions need to be addressed with the right business knowledge in order to position the entirety in the right legal, technical and operational framework.

Expertise of HydroScan

HydroScan supports architects and project developers in their quest for optimal water management within their projects. All aspects of the water system such as water (re)use, wastewater discharges, buffering and infiltration and also the risks of flooding are included in the scope. The interaction with energy and landscape is taken into account as well. This is done in close collaboration with the team of architects, sustainability architect, project developers and consulting engineering firms.

Do you want to know more? Check out our specialized services such as:

  • Inventarizations and measurements;
  • Consultancy on the formatting of a water assessment;
  • Water audit for industrial sites;
  • Sustainable water management in construction projects;
  • Separated sewers on private domains and inspection of private sewers.


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