Ensuring the transport of waste water, without significant flooding and without ecological nuisance for humans and environment is one of the international environmental policy objectives of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Wastewater is itself a precious resource: both in terms of reuse of water (gray water) and in terms of heat recovery and energy optimization, applications are numerous. This places additional demands on our current sewer systems. The objective is not only maintaining the waste water within the (separate) system and delivering it to the waste water treatment plant (WWTP), but also ensuring that ‘flooding’ is kept within limits and guaranteeing that possibilities for water reuse and heat recovery are offered.

These new developments are still in sharp contrast to the needs in different European Countries: the development of a solid, basic sewer infrastructure, including treatment installations, remains one of the main priorities for the EU, the World bank and the European Investment Bank. Hence, an international two-track policy…

Expertise of HydroScan

Together with its subsidiary HydroServices, HydroScan offers a number of technical services in this domain such as inventarizations, cost reducing master planning with focused and preventive maintenance, modeling, sustainable reuse (cf industrial sites and building projects), performance indicators, data management and even complete concepts such as Managed Water Services.

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