Benchmarking, performance indicators and policy advice

How does your sewerage or drinking water system perform? Does it meet current standards and requirements? Does the function of the sewerage and drinking water networks, the water treatment infrastructure, etc. meet the current rules for ecological and economic management? What are the main costs? Are they in line with the usual (international) standards? How do you give feedback to the regulator?

To measure is to know: Performance indicators

To measure is to know. We help you with benchmarking by introducing performance indicators in accordance with international benchmarking rules. These benchmarking studies combined with HydroScan’s expertise in integrated water resources management provides the perfect basis for future policy.

The HydroScan approach

  • Discussing specific network characteristics in consultation with the operator;
  • Comparing the characteristics with existing international frameworks and available benchmarks;
  • Aligning the HydroScan performance indicator system with the specific conditions of the operator’s network. For this purpose, we select a pilot area in mutual consultation ;
  • Supporting the operator during the operational introduction of the system, both internally and towards the regulator;

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