Preventive sewer management can make your unforeseen repair costs drop 80%

Unexpected repair costs in the sewer system are the nightmare of every sewer manager. They always lead to additional questions: Where are the pipes with structural defects or the malfunctioning pumping stations? When and how to replace infrastructure? Can a replacement investment or renovation be postponed? Would local interventions be effective, and, if so, for how long? How to organize focused and sustainable maintenance at the lowest possible cost? What is the required investment budget for the next ten years? ?

HydroScan can help you to answer all these questions.

The good news : preventive maintenance of 20 % of the pipeline infrastructure prevents 80 % of the risks of repair costs. Finding the strategic assets and structural management of the sewerage system results in substantial cost savings!

HydroScan has developed a unique approach to:

  • Localize the critical assets in a sewer system;
  • Assess their impact;
  • Develop a focused and preventive maintenance schedule

The result: a sustainable and highly cost-efficient master plan including focused and preventive maintenance of valuable assets! You will drastically reduce your repair costs!

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