Preventing floods with HydroScans integrated approach

Violent storms, mud flows caused by field erosion, high river and groundwater levels, clogged sewers, etc. All of these problems have the same terrible result: flooding!
Our senior experts address the problem in a systematic and highly effective manner using unique technological methods:

  • Targeted field surveys
  • Radar image processing;
  • Static bottleneck analysis;
  • Integrated modelling of the interaction of water systems at street level;
  • Prioritized cost/benefit analyses

The result? Appropriate measures to eliminate flooding up to the level of individual houses, which are not only considered from a technical perspective, but also tested against policies and financial criteria.
Preventing floods? Do you want more information? Check out our specialized services such as:

 Mapping and measurements;

  • Modelling, design and hydraulic screening of sewer systems;
  • Hydrological and hydraulic water course modelling;
  • Integrated water modelling.