Guidance & Advice

Knowledge management is currently one of the biggest challenges for water management. In fact, the current water technology is producing so much information that it is becoming very difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Due to increasing regulatory pressure and the increasing importance of 'water', strict requirements are imposed on our water systems. Understanding the 'why' of this matter is becoming a complex task for the water manager.

HydroScan's expertise

Converting your water-related data and information into 'understandable' knowledge of your water systems, so you can make the right, cost-effective decisions at the right time, in the context of an increasingly complex regulatory framework? This is one of our key competencies.

In the field of 'water knowledge', HydroScan offers various services such as:

  • Benchmarking;
  • Setting up performance indicators;
  • Management and policy advice;
  • Water audits;
  • Training;

This may include the organization of a water-related workshop or training course for your company or organization or the setup of a European Consortium for subsidized IWRM projects in a European context.

HydroScan has senior experts specialized in the latest developments in the field of 'water knowledge'. The combination of many years of academic experience of some of HydroScan's experts and practical day-to-day experience guarantees:

  • Optimal use of educational resources based on the target group;
  • A specific focus on the application of the theory to the practical situation;