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Drawing from its unique international scope and experience, the HydroScan group offers complete 'end-to-end' services to authorities, municipalities, intermunicipal associations, architects, developers and companies to support their operational sewerage and drinking water management and integrated water resources management.

Our integrated water resources management services for private and industrial customers are focused on cost-effectiveness. Optimization and reuse of the different water streams, such as drinking water, waste water, stormwater and grey water within the private domain or at industrial sites are crucial to this. All of these services are provided in the context of a recognised environmental framework.

Our integrated water resources management services for authorities, municipalities, intermunicipal associations, etc. include a strong focus on integration. It is very important to use the interactions between the water courses, groundwater, sewer and drinking water networks in a positive manner. When solving water-related problems, the focus is always to realize maximum optimization between the different systems.

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Hydroscan's engineers have been pushing the boundaries for all aspects of integrated water resources management for years.
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We are proud to say that we are one of the top experts in the field of integrated water resources management worldwide.

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